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Bar by Melis Kozan is a sophisticated brand, which personifies the fun and funky flair of its designer, Melis Kozan. It all started with Melis’ love and passion for fashion. Her career at Diesel, a denim company based in Italy, helped her learn the basics of design while giving her a background in international fashion.

In 2005, Chad Kozan saw the potential in his wife’s eye for women’s apparel together with his textile business experience, and they founded this international clothing company. The line gradually grew to become a full lifestyle collection offering tops, tunics, sweaters, jackets, pants, leggings, skirts, and dresses. The original prints are either designed by our team or found in Italy, France and Turkey, and each piece is manufactured in house in Istanbul, Turkey. Keeping design and production under careful watch, Chad and Melis Kozan are able to continually produce the high quality customers have come to expect.

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