Collection: Part Two

Part Two is a Copenhagen fashion brand established in 1986. From the very beginning, the iconic Scandinavian design tradition has inspired their designers and formed the basis of their design philosophy. In 1986, they introduced a classic look aspiring women to dress in beautiful and comfortable clothing, reflecting an active and healthy lifestyle. From the beginning the brand enjoyed great success. 
Part Two believes in authenticity and honesty. They know that a style’s best feature is the fit, designing wardrobe essentials to keep for years is their ambition and they strive to find the right qualities. From their domicile in the centre of Copenhagen they act both locally and internationally. They love their city, and it inspires them daily – but they also love working around the world, looking for inspiration in New York, sourcing qualities in Italy, and producing in Europe and Asia. 

With more than 30 years’ experience, they continue to create high quality, timeless yet modern collections for real women living real lives. They strongly believe that the true success of Part Two lies in our mission: 

Being devoted to the new and staying loyal to the past.